3 Tips to Make Social Media Work for You!

Consumer behaviour has changed significantly in the last year.

According to Sprout Social Index, 50% of consumers increased their social media usage in the last six months and after following a brand on social media, customers continue to engage in various ways. 91% visit the brand’s website or app, 89% will buy from the brand and 85% will recommend the brand to a family or friend.

In short - Digital marketing works! Yet we still have many clients approaching us for help saying that they haven't had any success with their social media marketing.

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Today we will be discussing 3 tips to make social media work for you.

1. Have a Strategy

Not all content, or in layman's terms, not all posts are created equal.

When posting on your page you need to keep three things in mind:

· Your ideal client or audience

· Your marketing funnel

· Adding value

If you want to know more about marketing to your ideal client or the marketing funnel, Anandie covered these topics in some of our previous videos.

Posting on your social feeds might seem simple and easy. Creating valuable, impactful and strategic content is a skill. When done correctly, posting can grow your audience, generate leads and build your community. And when you are posting the right type of content, you need to ensure that you are consistent.

2. Consistency

Whilst growing your online presence, you start establishing the know, like and trust factor with your clients.

They start seeing you as the expert, they are getting to know you and they trust you.

Think of it like this. If you support a local bakery because they always have freshly baked croissants twice a week, it's important for the bakery to consistently deliver great quality and service. Otherwise, clients might stop trusting them and go elsewhere.

The same goes for digital media.

You need to ensure that you know when your audience is active online, what type of content they enjoy and then consistently provide it.

As soon as clients realize that you are always there and delivering value to them, they won’t just purchase from you but refer others.

3. Analysis and adaptability

You are posting great content (or so you think) on a regular basis.

You are running some ads, but you are not seeing the results. So, you just need to spend more money on ads, right? WRONG

You need to analyze and adapt. The digital world is faced paced and ever-changing.

What is working today, might not work tomorrow.

Do you know how to analyze your social media statistics on your business page?

Are you utilizing the info you get from those statistics?

To have a successful digital marketing strategy you need to:

· Regularly analyze your statistics

· Utilize those stats to adapt accordingly to what your audience wants

· Research and stay on top of current trends. When a new trend or tool emerges and you ignore it, you are losing out on a massive chunk of market share and possibly some of your current followers

The digital realm equips us to test and change our approach daily to ensure success.

Are you using the tools available to you?

Hopefully, you have been able to identify WHY your social media marketing isn't working and what you need to change.

If you find digital marketing a bit overwhelming and you maybe need help with creation and strategy so you can apply all the tips I shared today, head on over to the Work with Us section to set up a discovery call with us.

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