Creating Confidence in Business and the Online Age

Are you comparing yourself with the perfect, curated, successful business owners all over social media right now?

Are you looking at their profiles and posts and thinking, “wow, how do they do it?”

Well, the reality is, they are only (yes even the ones saying they are being “real”) sharing with you what they want you to see.

And you comparing yourself with them, is not bringing out the best of you, the things that make you uniquely you.

If confidence, imposter syndrome and feeling unsure of how to sell yourself is holding you back when it comes to building your successful business, continue reading as I cover my top 5 tips to help you build confidence that SELLS!

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#1 Know your worth

Remind yourself of everything you have to offer and have achieved, so write them down.

Everything you have to offer: skills / expertise / experience / knowledge.

Then also write down results you have achieved for yourself, previous companies, clients. Every win counts, no matter how small.

Physically, this can also mean sitting up straight, looking people in the eye during personal or digital meetings, charging what you deserve, maintaining a positive attitude by remembering your achievements.

These simple changes have done wonders for my as well as clients’ confidence, productivity, and overall happiness levels.

#2 Get things done

“The best way to feel confident at work or in business is to feel like you're in complete control of your tasks and deliverables. Having strong command of your schedule and knowing exactly what needs to be done – and when – makes you feel competent, confident and in control.

- Dave Bowden

When we keep missing small tasks, deadlines, the to do list; we are creating evidence logs where we failed, and our inner voice will remind us whenever we try new things or bigger goals of our failures.

So instead, being more specific and intentional with our time and tasks can help, but also write down even the smallest of actions or tasks like making breakfast, take a 5 minute break etc. and then tick them off when they are done.

This physical action creates a new evidence showing you CAN achieve the things you set yourself, meaning when you try new things you will feel more confident you can get them done, because you have evidence proving it.

Systems like Trello, Asana and other apps make this even easier, and help you stay on top of your responsibilities. The simple act of recording everything you have to do in one place removes anxiety and imbues you with control — and confidence.

#3 Dress the part

We all know: If you look good, you feel good.

With more people working from home more often, it is easy to get stuck in leisure wear and not making much of an effort.

Choosing one thing, a lip, an accessory or even sexy underwear, can make a difference.

When you feel confident and good it shows in your mannerisms, voice, and posture.

Put effort into looking presentable and smart, every day. Looking professional will make you feel professional, and while this may be a superficial fix to your confidence issue, it is beneficial because it communicates confidence to others.

Looking disheveled and uncomfortable affects those around you negatively. They may even treat you with less respect than they would if you were better dressed.

#4 Don’t compare yourself & look to others for approval

This is probably one of the most difficult ones today. With social media and comparison overload as well as imposter syndrome, we are constantly comparing ourselves with those around us.

As entrepreneurs the journey is lonely, and rarely will anyone pat you on the back for a job well done.

What I've learned through my own struggle is that you can’t expect others to understand what's right for you.

So don't seek permission and don't seek appreciation.

If your heart is telling you something, it’s probably right.

Your gut instinct's data is valuable.

- Daniel Goleman, leading psychologist and author

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 10, and similarly don't compare your behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.

People decide what they share.

Practical ways to help with this is to unfollow those you find you are comparing yourself with, or learn from them and reverse engineer their success and work out the steps you can follow to get there too.

Reward yourself when you achieve certain victories within your business.

The mind body connection is real.

Our minds cannot be strong when our bodies are weak and unnourished.

Mindset is important to guide us, but then we need to have physical activity for endorphins and nutrition to feed us the right ways.

And when we become stronger and our bodies are capable of more, our minds become stronger, and that is a cycle of confidence that keeps on giving and growing.

Research shows ‘acting as if’ can signal your brain to feel confident, even if you don't feel it quite yet.

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