Five of the Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to boost your current one, being aware of new trends is very beneficial for you and your brand. Trends can be hard to follow as they are ever-changing. With new ones constantly emerging, it can sometimes be challenging to stay in the loop.

In the past year, we have all got to know our devices intimately. Since most of us are in a committed ‘relationship’ with our devices, there has been a dramatic change in the marketing industry because virtually everyone can now be reached online. There are many new and interesting digital marketing tools and trends that have come to light in the past year.

Here are 5 up and coming digital marketing trends you may want to consider for your business:

1. Predictive lead scoring.

The progression of technology, AI, and machine learning has been an emerging tech for a number of years; however, the need for more online tools has catapulted this technology fully into retail with software that can predict the likelihood of closing sales based on existing contacts or potential customers. Predictive lead scoring is the process of rating your contact based on the likelihood they will buy a product or service. The scoring of contacts is based on factors such as email engagement, social engagement, spam, demographic information, behaviour, and company information.

HubSpot and other CRM software options have the ability to assist with predictive lead scoring by filtering through a business’s contacts in order to understand trends and customer behaviours.

2. Changing “we” to “you” focused language.

How often do you find yourself reading the words “award-winning” or “the best in the business” on almost every website you visit? Too often right? It has become more important that businesses use “you” focused language to show uniqueness and trust rather than “we” focused language. One of the ways you can be more “you” focused is to stick to the basic rule that you should use 2x as many “you” statements as you use “we” statements. Identify the part of your statement that offers more value to YOUR customer, and then lead the statement using that value.

For example, the statement “Our award-winning services ensure your business will be in the most capable hands because we will prioritise your needs and values” could be changed to, “Your business is guaranteed to be in the most capable hands where your needs and values are prioritised”.

3. Shifting from brand awareness to brand affinity.

“Marketing with brand affinity in mind focuses instead on building emotional connections between your existing customers around shared values.” - Deloitte, 2018

Attracting new customers and creating brand awareness has been the goal of many businesses in the past. However, in the current climate, personalisation is valued more than it was before. Businesses should focus more on building relationships with their existing customers, especially since trust is a necessary component for digital sales.

One of the ways to ensure a personalised customer experience is to send customers emails containing personalised videos.

Try out Vidyard’s GoVideo which is a great tool for making personal videos quickly and easily. This provides the customer with a personal touch during each interaction, thereby creating a connection and building customer rapport and trust.

4. Embracing digital events.

Since many of us are currently home-bound and in-person events are basically non-existent, virtual events and meet-ups have become the new norm. Diversifying your business model to engage and connect with your customers via online social media events is a great way to personalise customer experience, create brand awareness, and make your brand stick out from the rest.

Create interactive brand events online that people want to attend, post teasers and “FOMO” related aspects that drive the marketing of the event, and ensure people want to be there for the experience. Then create an experience they will love!

5. Changing the way we purchase with the help of social media.

If your business isn’t on at least two social media platforms, you need to pull up your virtual socks. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram now have features that make it easier for consumers to skip straight to buying a product. It has become easier than ever to buy products and services online. So what are you waiting for? If your business is eligible for linking your online store to your social media, there is no more that needs to be said.

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We hope this article was helpful to you. However, we know that digital trends and marketing tools can be overwhelming and difficult to actually implement. If you are confused but still want to try one or more of these digital marketing trends for your business, click here to work with us and we can tackle this challenge together.

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