How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

When you land on a website how long do you really take before forming the first impression?

Research shows it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

So today I am covering the ins and outs of website design and why a great website can definitely drive your business even further. But a poorly designed one is even worse than no website at all.

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Leland Dieno says; “Your website is the centre of your digital eco-system, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.”

So what experience are you giving your customer?

But let’s backtrack a hot second here, because the truth is, your website is most probably NOT the first interaction your customer has with your business.

They could’ve found you via Google and gone straight to the site, but is it more likely that they found you via social media, which is kind of a search engine all on its own right.

So you want to make sure your brand consistency and cohesion is seamless, from your Facebook page to the link they clicked to get that free checklist to your website, the journey and experience they have must keep telling them how amazing you are and keep them engaged with your content, business, and products.

A great quality website is clean, well-organized, easy to navigate, clear/concise, modern (in terms of style and layout), functional, branded, and motivates the visitor to do business with you. It tells them a story, takes them on a journey, and gives them a digital experience.

Any essential information should be extremely easy to find. If you have social media profiles, buttons linked to these profiles should be present. Getting in touch with you should be very simple.

People want a quick solution to their problem or a quick answer to their question. Make it easy for them. They also want to look at something that is visually appealing. Give them that with a quality website.

Another thing to remember, a great website looks good on all browsers and devices. The reality is people almost only use mobile to access the internet, meaning your website needs to be properly built and designed for optimal mobile viewing. This is called mobile-optimised.

And part of having a great website is also having a website marketing strategy as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

But why do you need to have a website marketing strategy?

Mainly, it is due to there being so much noise on the internet, that you cannot just have a beautiful site, with the right SEO, and hope people will find you.

You need to constantly promote your website and drive people there and once they are there, it needs to SHINE!

Because it isn’t just about SEO and social media anymore, it all needs to be connected. As I mentioned before, help your customer on their journey with your brand and business and give them an amazing digital experience.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons it is important to have a website first:

1. A lot of consumer research & purchase decisions will start with a search engine search of businesses (be that via Google or social media).

In order to gain new customers, you need to understand where your prospects go when they are looking to find the solutions to their pain points. These days your customers will be 95% through the sales funnel before they ever step foot in a store, so your digital presence needs to give them as much information, in the best possible way.

So they make it to the end of their journey with you!

Having a website to direct your clients once they find you is key for them to get the last bit of info needed to make their purchasing decision.

2. It shows your professionalism.

As I mentioned earlier, people judge your credibility by your website design, so a poor one is worse than none at all. But a great one is gold.

People don’t make phone calls as quickly anymore when they want to know more about a business, they search themselves, and if they can’t find what they need from your website, they will move on and forget you.

If your website is poorly designed and not giving them what they need they won’t waste time finding things. It’s as simple as a click away for them.

3. It gives you Ease of access & acts as a customer self-service centre.

Your customer can find all the answers they need on a well designed website instead of having to constantly phone or mail and ask (which they wouldn’t do these days anyway.)

If we can’t sell in-person to our clients, our website is the next best thing.

Paul Cookson says; “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

So make it sell you in the best possible way!

4. It will give you a positive ROI due to being low cost in the long term and it gives your company lasting value.

A website doesn’t require high-cost maintenance like a brick and mortar shop. It doesn’t have employee costs, you can easily track data and traffic as well as see the results from marketing campaigns with your website analytics.

5. It opens your audience from local to national to global.

Instead of just serving a small radius, a website is global, functioning at all hours. Meaning you are accessible to your audience 24/7 and with a great website it will do the selling for you which means money in the bank while you sleep, CHA-CHING!

Ok, so tell me, do you have a website and have you tried to design it yourself? Or have you tried to hire a professional designer and it turned out so-so? Let me know in the comments!

It is always interesting to know what your opinions are when it comes to a website. I actually feel you can sell quite well without a website, but then your strategy and implementation as well as the information you do have available for your customers need to be almost perfectly on point.

A website adds to your business and gives you so much extra value and authority. Because it's your website, YOU own and control it. Whereas with other platforms you may use such as social media, you don’t really own and can’t control all the time.

Getting started with a website is challenging and you need your ducks in a row. You'll need:

  • A hosting platform such as Wix/ Wordpress/ Squarespace.

  • A domain, that’s your site you need to purchase every year.

  • A professional business email, which also costs money.

  • And if you have a newsletter, you need an email hosting site.

I haven’t even begun with the design of the site to ensure it ticks all the right boxes and is checked for SEO, ranking and optimised for mobile etc. So it all adds up rather quickly, and if this isn’t your forte, well then it takes your time as well, and time away from your business means money lost, right?

As I mentioned earlier, you need to have a website marketing strategy. There are 8 steps to follow for a successful website marketing strategy:

1. Perform a website info design review:

Is it serving your clients and answering all the questions they might have? Does it have the branding right and match your other online channels?

Make sure the info & content is up to date and relevant to your audience.

2. Optimize your website for SEO:

These are keywords (think hashtags from social media), links to your channels, and links from other sites back to your website.

3. Optimize your website for social media:

You want to share your social media on your website and drive traffic back to those channels again for easier interaction with your brand for your customers.

4. Create a content marketing plan:

This is a whole topic on its own, but basically your website content is all the information & images as well as your blog that people will learn from and interact with. It should have consistency with your other channels and the content you share there.

5. Promote your website on social media networks:

You want to be talking about your website and the benefit of visiting it with your customers.

6. Use paid ads to reach more customers:

This is essential, as you won’t stand out with great SEO alone.

7. Utilize email marketing to engage with your audience:

You need to nurture your audience and build relationships with them.

8. Measure, Analyze, rinse and repeat:

Keep learning from the data you are getting, keep changing and adapting. Listen to the feedback from your customers and audience. And make sure you are staying on top of trends and giving them what they need when they want it.

Does all of that sound a little overwhelming? Does it sound daunting and scary? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

360 Marketing Solutions offers you various website services; from strategy sessions to just help you get unstuck, to web design work to SEO and optimisation packages. We help your website stand out amongst the crowd and really make your audience see you, get to know you, and buy from you!

We can also help you with your website marketing and digital marketing strategy to ensure perfect cohesion across your social media channels so your brand and business have the best advantage it can. Head on over to our website to see where we can help you.

Lastly, I did a video on content marketing recently, where I explain the strategy behind great content and how it helps with your sales and business credibility. Click here to watch it!

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