The value of brand ambassadors for business growth - how to build yours

Do you want someone to sell your products and promote your business for free?

I'm sure your answer was a hell yes!

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The value of brand ambassadors, why you need them and how they can help your business to grow exponentially.

Let's start off by looking at what a brand ambassador is. A brand ambassador can be defined as a person who promotes a small businesses’ goods and services. They increase sales for small businesses by boosting brand awareness.

There are a few different types of brand ambassadors but the ones you can build and earn for free are employees, existing customers and loyal followers.

So why should you invest your time and resources into building brand ambassadors?

#1: It legitimises and humanises your brand

It's not good enough to just have SEO and branded content. You need to legitimise your brand by showcasing it in action.

It doesn't matter what YOU say about your brand, consumers want to know what other customers say about your brand. Considering that 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their decision it makes a big difference to have a brand ambassador showcasing your brand and vouching for you.

74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions, it’s a good bet to focus your ambassador efforts there first, if that’s where your customers already are.

There is a huge difference between seeing a product, let's say a pair of trainers promoted on your site vs seeing a local athlete or personal training hitting their personal best whilst wearing them.

Suddenly it goes from being a product to a lifestyle and a brand you can relate to.

#2: It opens up new marketing channel that wasn't available to you before :

By recruiting your top fans and equipping them with promo codes it allows you to reach a much larger audience and bring in clients from someone else’s following

#3: You can increase your conversion rates and reduce your time spent on content creation

On average, user generated content converts 5% more than content posted directly from a business. What this means to you is that you not only get better overall engagement and return on investment but you’re also spending less time (and money) to create those posts.

We’ve covered the benefits of consumer ambassadors but what's the benefit of having an employee as ambassador?

  • Employees have an average of 1,090 social connections and they also have five times more reach than corporate accounts

  • Your employees’ social connections ARE important because 84% of people trust recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues over any other forms of marketing.

  • It can also help you to find the best people for your business. Having the right employees is just as important for business growth as clients but finding them can be really hard.

  • If your employees are active brand ambassadors, consistently sharing and talking about the values of their workplace, it will attract new talent and candidates who are much more eager to accept a potential job offer.

I'm sure you would agree that brand ambassadors are definitely one of the top ingredients to growth and success but how do you build or gain these ambassadors?

This ties into your customer experience. Customer experience is your customers' perception of how you treat them, and it not only allows you to build a great relationship, but it also increases the perceived value of your brand. Recent studies have shown that 86% of clients are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

What exactly do you need to do to deliver that exceptional experience to grow your business and brand ambassadors:

This is a topic on its own that we will cover in one of our upcoming blogposts but some of the key elements are:

Multi-channel servicing: Clients want to be able to reach you and get the same great service across all of your online and offline channels. If you are providing great service in store your client will expect that same level of response online

Personalization: Clients expect you to use the information to personalise your service. You should be making recommendations and suggestions based on your clients’ needs

Be consistent. With your service, your messaging, your branding. Clients want to know that they can trust you and every consistent experience solidifies their trust.

Bottom line : always put your customer first!

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

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