Top 5 Sales Secrets for Online Businesses in 2022

It’s estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2022.

How is your business building a strategy to get you online and connect with your customers online?

Because when almost 30% of the global population is buying digitally, your business should be setting up the right business, marketing and sales strategies to ensure growth and development.

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In this blog, I share our top 5 sales secrets for selling online in 2022.

First and foremost; it's important to understand the psychology of sales.

If you don't understand WHY people buy, you won't be able to adapt to ensure that you are selling effectively.

I want to start by telling you that when we purchase something it's mainly a subconscious decision driven by emotions.

You might think, great so it's not even logical, how is that going to help me?

You need to acknowledge that as humans we are emotional beings, and regardless of who you are, most people want to feel part of something and connected to others.

How can you practically implement this?

1. Make a good first impression

It takes 7 seconds for someone to form an opinion on you. Whether in person or via social media - make sure you are showcasing your value, your expertise and building your credibility.

2. Focus on your community

When you are selling to the right people and making them feel like they are part of an exclusive club, others will want to join.

Create experiences, make them feel heard and cared for, let them share and learn from each other and you so they develop brand loyalty and advocacy.

3. Sell a lifestyle, not just a product

When clients can imagine travelling the world with your leather bag, it's a lifestyle and experience you create, not just another bag.

4. Be real. People buy from people

As soon as someone connects to you, your vision and values, they are much more likely to buy from you.

A lot of our clients don't like giving their knowledge or time away, but the psychology behind this is that people not only see your expertise, but they are more inclined to purchase from you.

5. Solve a problem

Are you trying to sell to a client or help them to solve their problem? If you can determine what your client’s pain points are and focus on helping them solve it you are much more likely to make the sale.

Learn more about the psychology of sales in this video.

On that, do you have a sales strategy, do you have a plan on HOW you connect and interact with your clients before you sell to them?

Share your tips in the comment section.

Let’s get to those 5 secrets to online sales:

1. Selling yourself!

(Probably the most important secret)

If you have a great product, and your branding is on point, the missing ingredient is YOU.

People buy from people or as I like to say : People buy from people they like.

When you are selling, regardless of the platform, it's important to sell yourself, your vision and your company values first.

That's why referral business is so valuable. Once clients feel like they know and trust you they are more likely to purchase from you.

Many new companies make the mistake of just featuring their logo and company-related images without ever featuring themselves.

It might look professional but it's more than likely to come across as impersonal.

We have a few videos on our YouTube Channel on building a personal brand where you can get more tips on this.

2. Selling to your ideal client.

Who do you WANT to work with and have buying from you?

Your ideal client is someone that LOVES your product, they see the value in what you offer and they are willing to pay for it.

Think of a recent bad customer experience, where the customer doubted you, questioned your prices, demanded refunds and basically made you regret ever having them as a customer in the first place: that is who you DON’T want.

Now think of a recent customer that made your day, they were friendly, had great things to say about their experience, loved working with you and even told their friends about you: That is your ideal client!

Your ideal client values your product and are happy to pay your price because you are meeting their needs and they TRUST you.

When establishing who your ideal client is the most important questions to ask are:

- What are your ideal customer’s goals and values?

- What are the demographics of your ideal customer? (Such as age, marital status, income…)

- What are his or her challenges and pain points?

- What would be his or her objections to buying your product or service?

- Where does your ideal customer get his or her information? (i.e. books, magazines, social media etc.)

You also have to realise that it's ok to let some clients go if they aren't your ideal client, as they will end up being your challenging clients: taking up your time and costing you money.

If you want to know more about the value of finding your ideal client watch this video with a free workbook where we help you get started.

3. Focus on helping instead of just selling

Most people focus on SELLING.

How do you know if you are making this mistake:

- You don't ask a lot of questions

- You just want to make the sale

- You don't care if the product is suited to your client’s needs

- The sale feels pushy

You need to shift your focus on HELPING your client.

When you talk to your client, you need to get to know them and establish WHAT their exact needs are and then determine whether your product can actually meet that need.

This is where you have to LISTEN. How many questions do you ask your client before pitching? Unless a client has told you what their exact needs are, you shouldn't start selling your brand to them.

When you focus first on your customer, you can meet their needs with your product. You aren't selling, you are simply helping them to solve their problem.

4. Providing value to your client to establish the know, like and trust factor.

When people just started promoting online, you could still get away with a photo of the product or listing the product features.

Those days are long gone.

Your social profile is similar to a storefront. In the digital realm time is money and you need to ensure that if a client is taking time to view your profile it's giving them value.

Let's take Jamie Olivier:

He sells thousands of recipe books but he still shares loads of free recipes, free cooking tips and videos.

Practical ways of utilising this tip:

- Look at what you already know and what clients always ask, share that.

- Make a video on how to use your product and make it fun and relatable.

- Do a live interview with a client and ask them to share their testimonial.

Remember the more value you give free of charge the more you can establish yourself and your expertise.

Clients will then ask themselves if they are giving me this much value now, imagine what they will provide once I become a customer.

5. Have a strategy.

When you start selling online you need to realise that everything you post should have a purpose.

Many of you might have heard of the sales or marketing funnel. This is basically a representation of the consumer journey.

From the moment they first come in contact with your client, up and till they purchase from you. Watch this video where we further explain the concept and give valuable tips..

Work on interacting with your clients at least 7 times, creating micro-transactions where they say YES to you. That is through content, giving value, some freebies, teaching them something, entertaining them while showing them how you solve their problems and then driving them to meet you across your digital touchpoints such as social media, get them on your email list and have them view your website and read your blogs.

This builds the trust factor and creates credibility in their minds, making it easier to say yes to purchasing from you.

The AIDA principle is a popular journey where you lead customers from Awareness to Interest then Desire and Acquisition or Purchase, but then you should always also have a customer referral plan as well as a customer retention plan.

If you just spent all that time and effort getting your customers, you want to keep them and resell them to them, again and again.

If you have any questions when it comes to selling online and seeing success, let us know, we are happy to answer and help any time!

If you want help with YOUR sales strategy, we can go over a detailed roadmap for your business and create the action plan you can implement to see long term growth and find the right solutions for your sales success!

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