What is “Owned, Paid & Earned Media”?

Let’s take a deep dive into what Owned, paid and earned media is, and how it can benefit your business.

Not understanding how this all integrates with each other and within your business, can cause unrealistic expectations and lead to lack of results along with the feeling that all your efforts have been wasted.

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The channel a brand controls Eg. Website, Blog, Social Acc

The Idea behind this is to build longer-term relationships with existing potential customers & earned media

Benefits: You can Control them, Cost efficiency, Longevity, versatility, niche audience


This is where there is investment to pay for visitors,



through search, display ad networks or affiliate marketing.

In essence a brand pays to leverage a channel

Eg. Display ads, paid search, sponsorships

The idea is to identify who your ideal customer is, and to place yourself in front of that audience.

Benefits: In demand, creating immediacy, scale, control your objective


When customers become the channel

Eg. Word-of-mouth, Buzz, “viral”

Listen & respond - earned media is often the result of well - executed and well - coordinated owned and paid media

Benefits: Most credible, it can deliver the most sales, transparent and lives on

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You might have heard the terms organic and paid social media marketing - what is the difference exactly?

These are two different types of social media marketing. The difference between the two primarily has to do with budget.

Organic social is when users take advantage of the free elements of social media, such as post sharing on Facebook or two-way conversations with users on Twitter.

This may be perfect for independent businesses looking to stretch their marketing budget. In this scenario, businesses can build their social community and then direct them to websites for further engagement.

This is great for building long term relationships, credibility and adding value to your community and clients.

Paid social involves sponsored, or paid, advertising content delivered on social networks in the form of images, videos, and carousel ads.

Depending on the platform, ads can be targeted to users based on location, buying habits, or personal interests.

Unlike organic, paid social directly puts your content in front of users who will most likely show interest.

I highly recommend planning your goals & objectives before diving head-first into the world of paid media.

First Set business goals:

  • Do you want to generate leads?

  • Build customer relationships?

  • Be top of mind?

  • Convert clients?

or a combination of things?

A great place to start is to plan your own activity, setting clear goals & objectives will help you get the buy-in from colleagues and brief agencies or social managers better.

Refer to our video where Anandie explains why a business strategy would be beneficial and how to go about getting started on yours.

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