Why do you want to think of yourself as a brand?

If businesses offer products and services in exchange for money.

Similarly, when you are building yourself as a brand, your clients / audience will pay you for your services and to be able to learn more from you.

As you progress in your business, you’ll also need to innovate, for instance, by developing new skill sets and looking for ways to add value to what you can offer your audience other than the item you are selling like your products or specific service.

If you work to promote or market yourself as though you were a business or brand, you’ll be more successful at convincing others of your worth.

What do you need to do to get started?

You need to market yourself.

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Today, a company is more than its CEO. Not so long ago, the concept of “personal brand” wasn’t applicable to the everyday person, but more for celebrities, public-facing personalities and entrepreneurs.

You have the power to drive your own publicity and market yourself to potential clients, and even employers, even when you’re not looking for a job.

You need to work on creating a paper trail for your next client to reference as well as your current clients to see your value now. In a way, your digital footprint is your new résumé. What you are doing, saying and creating holds value to build your reputation.

Sales representatives that uses social media and build themselves as a brand as part of their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers.

Start by building your brand and with that comes looking the part, and feeling confident when we are selling ourselves to others.

It may seem superficial, but the more put together we look, the more confident we feel, and the better energy we send out.

What is the value you are giving, what is your WHY and your purpose?

Know what is your competitive advantage and what sets you apart. Why should anyone make the investment in your brand?

How will having you in their lives make a difference to them?

Next is to think bigger. Stop letting a small mindset overwhelm you.

Show you can achieve bigger. Don’t talk about how much work you always have, don’t always be rushing, working late, run to and from meetings.

You can redefine your work by examining your list of duties and perhaps delegating work that you find saps your energy or adds little value.

When you are able to think differently about the tasks that take up your time, you can spend your time on more productive things.

Start streamlining your current tasks so you can see where the opportunities are. Se realistic, so you are aware of the scope of possibilities available to you.

Where can you get more involved, in the community or even industry you are in to build your credibility, social proof and authority so you can again show your value and create networks you can leverage.

Look where you can start a project or initiative to also build on your skills and knowledge to show in another way what you bring to the table and the value you can offer.

This allows you face-time with different parties within your industry or peer group and mentors which again builds your network and grows opportunities.

Here are links to more videos around business strategies and developing your brand.

You can use the idea of Diversification within your “business” model too and you do that by continuing to learn, grow and up-skill.

What do potential customers consider valuable, what will they spend money on? How can you use what you have and build onto that or amplify that?

Don’t be so focussed on a linear path that you miss opportunities if you just expand a little.

You can also look at your current business, are you doing that really well?

If not, why? If yes, and you are bored, what can you improve upon and add to create more of a challenge for you?

Prove why you are worth the investment and show how you can identify new ideas and build a more impactful and profitable business model.

Look at how you can get involved in different parts of the industry to also build your skills and your expertise. To showcase your value to clients, but also potential partners and collaborators.

You want to build a network of trustworthy partners.

Any business needs a selection of partners, collaborators or resources to lean on from time to time.

You need the cheerleaders, the support, the mentors.

Get away from toxic people, if they are going to cost your business money, don’t invest your time or energy.

You are capable of reaching incredible heights on your own, we all need help from someone at some point. By building a network of support you can rely on and count on, work with and grow from, you are also building your brand and your business.

If you market yourself right, these partners can prove invaluable in the future.

By implementing these elements you will see changes and results within your current strategies and start seeing how when you think differently, you step into power and confidence and can sell easier.

And all of these are do-able if you are prepared to invest- your time, effort and a mindset change.

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